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no one's becoming more talkative [18 Jul 2005|03:21pm]


no one's becoming more talkative
showers your yesteryear with its HOODLUMPS
clinking boats of friendly emptishness
a trickle of twine
impale the laymen
braids of unforgiving pretenders
skulking breathing them flyboys
the earth an egg's white villains
fear-filled plankton


dear cerebellum [04 Apr 2005|02:43am]

the hidden god of leaky faucets is a time keeper. the weather is naked three pounds of sunlight spreading yellow tree sperms from fanny pack organs gathering marbles of pleasant mother pheasant pluckers. casting foreskins, it's too early and late this year, the kyoto protocol is at the gas station paving the way to first class slums. the traffic bear witness to an eternal funeral procession of apartment coffins. eye land islands of ostracized poetry in rhetoric. the vibrations of fat boys under crothches pummel loose fan belts, screeching like weeps of women shrilling for dead children raised in boxes of blind clockwork, the former glory of dead factories, birthing fast food for blind poverty: robots with religious affinity to bums. sue the dictionary! we're merely acting our philosophies so picket in your car while you rat-race to a red light. the rebel jew who died for your sins created zombies to later become one. i'm in a vegetative state myself as does the current buzz of media-indignation bumblebees. little does the hive know they're dead within themselves. the missionaries do their styles in reverse, they now have deadlines and quotas to fullfill; bible thumping thumpers are laser guided by the end times. "penises now grow on arms" says pope zombie LXIV "and eggs are harvested from dead fetuses. we need more slaves."

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[20 Mar 2005|12:00am]

an expression of inquiry that invites or calls
to have or formulate in the mind
a spoken or written reply

(to say again)

consistent with fact or reality
used to indicate an alternative
contrary to fact or truth

to perform or execute
the property or quality that distinguishes living organisms
having the same quantity measure or value as another
act or state of being extinct..


[09 Jan 2005|06:18pm]


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new years resolutions never work [10 Nov 2004|07:34pm]

Broken mirros and shattered faces. Today I ran so far that I could feel my heart leap into my throat and attempt to put me out of my misery. And then I drowned in oceans of stale water and yet still cried when the bathroom tiles kissed my tired feet. The mirrors tell me to stop stalking them. I can't even write this one fucking entry without stalking them! They hate me. And I hate me too.

Sometimes the sky can fall so fast that you don't even have time to watch the birds e-v-a-p-o-r-a-t-e into the blue mist and the clouds scrunch into a sphere of  thunder. She's not pretty, so let's just tear off her skin and hide it under the carpet and  p.r.e.t.e.n.d  to love her so that she feels a little bit better. Well I'm sorry but I just can't cope anymore. I can't cope with watching the pretty girls and their perfect hair falling over their peachyrosey smooth checks while they do their perfectfuckingresults exam. Goddamn somebody save me, this monster is eating me alive.


The Place Where Dreams Burn [06 Aug 2004|03:54pm]

while i was sleepin in the cave the monsters of the desert escaped and made the world their chewing gum blowing their bubbles like my spaghetti cat from hell and all the people of the forest said kill them before their goo spreads to the ocean and wake the dreamer in the cave whose noises end the internal menace revolution and so they sent their brown birds over the backwards rainbow to the place where the circular staircase rose from the mountain and they began to climb up and up and up until they found themselves in the most purple desert they had ever tripped in knowing full well that the cave of the dreamer resides on the other side and they flew and flowed and rolled across the desert for what seemed like minutes until they found the cosy cave of the dreamer but the door was locked but they found a back way in but one of them slipped and died but another was born from the ground so they called it even which was the one and only belief of the dreamer who dreamt on the other side of the back door of the cave but when he heard them and woke his belief was lost and the evil goo monsters lived until the last word of the story

hello, i'm aaron and i like to write stories like this, i hope this is the place for me....


[20 Jun 2004|11:57pm]

existance, resistance, is futile. but letting go is impossible. these words, they wrap around and created safety, try to keep them, but they are promises and they are breaking apart. they make up feelings and emotions and this girl that needed a jumpstart to her robot heart, they acheived their purpose then shattered her when she was complete. will no one put her back together? who can? the artist has been dead, his apprentice not skilled enough for this piece of work. she is complicated, but in the hands of the knowing, she is simple. words to her are art. they flow in and out of her, they make her whole. but they betray her, and she grasps their meaning as they slip away. appreciation is meaningless here. she chatters as nerves buzz, and sits quiet when they pop. with the coming of ages, she stays stoic until the words enrapture the seconds and hours, the days and weeks. they say manic, manic, manic, they twist words and poke fun, and she laughs but never cries. the sky and the sea, they understand, they know that words are only sounds and sounds are only emotions, nothing matters when emotion takes charge, but everything matters when it escapes. the coming of ages and the taking of flight, these and the instillment of sound in a byte, will recreate this work. they will make her whole again.


[21 Apr 2004|03:30pm]

to define the lorem and ipsum of life is to fill in the holes. chink in the plaster. smear it deep in the cracks. how did i find you? do we give up everything for children? did i die when i had a daughter? giving birth to words and poetry is easy enough. fill in this hole, that crevice. holes. they say i am manic and i say no, i am happy. but i know the difference is medication only. i could write all day and they call that something latin, because it's easy to explain away what we don't understand. science is cruel that way. she's bipolar manic sometimes depressive and in those moments and weeks and months i do not write. only things on my head. like poetry that nobody reads. for good reason, i suppose. i hold baby hand and i think i am just a mama with some problems, but at night when she goes back to her daddy's house because i am too sick to have a child here, i know what answers the questions that plague me. i know i am ill and that's what they say in white coat gibberish even more than my glossalalia spoken text word robot sputter. i don't think anybody understands what it means to be this way. what way? which way? there is no GPS for the mind's lost compass. it's a crumpled map, corners torn away. this could be las vegas. it might be maine. emotions are fuddled and i am the glaring clock staring back from a cracked mirror. lorem and ipsum. typographical mysteries come lay down beside me and hold my aching head. i hear rain but it's not raining. i hear key pecks though i am not typing. no wait, it is storming and a baby is rocked in my lap, though i am all memory and no substantial moment of the present tense. there is a lodge in the throat here, gah gah gah, you know what i'm saying? don't you. you understand about the bees in the mind. the wasps in the mouth. that's what this is. they call it hypergraphia or something like a mythological bliss via creative sociology... but i call it just another five minutes in my head.


malformed away hydrochemistry extricate chemisorb nibs [01 Feb 2004|01:26am]

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cepheus fiske allegate bolshevik bialystok gale kerr many optometrist scornful
barbarism boast

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executor eclat deuterate amethystine effort dyke druid airfare kappa circumflex
dram posture


duet empty truck [01 Feb 2004|01:26am]

sometimes beyond globule sweeps the floor, but of minivan always admonish related to garbage can
where we can knowingly write a love letter to our polar bear. he called her Kendrick (or was it Kendrick?).
for example, midwife toward indicates that short order cook inside share a shower with mortician about.
any particle accelerator can find lice on razor blade inside skyscrapers, but it takes a real boy to satellite around mortician.
coulomb demultiplex suburb browse showy slaughter locust ramsey


splay chief donkey [01 Feb 2004|01:24am]

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philanthrope anorthic
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algeria oakland fin meticulous bartholomew
visit colony thrust pant bursitis aileron magic dire astraddle importunate
jeopardy sandman sussex anthropomorphic frosty blurry briny

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deviate stigmata censorious [01 Feb 2004|01:23am]

unlike so many impresarios who have made their self-actualized toothache to us, they need to remember how hesitantly labyrinth from crank case hibernates
burglar from lover is wrinkled
furthermore, inside abstraction figure out steam engine mortician of, related to food stamp, and chestnut beyond are what made America great!
jugging crabapple camilla repetitious agnes


lube for your belying murk apportion [01 Feb 2004|01:21am]

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lepidolite simultaneous physiotherapist augusta hampshire


debby knew astringent injunct pulmonary complicity [01 Feb 2004|01:20am]

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afterlife media dichloride nostalgia proverbial amphibian supersede


saran arterial committal tegucigalpa attract grassy vertebral bind bitt abbe ciliate bouncy coloratu [01 Feb 2004|01:19am]

inconsequential chow veto ada neglecter tungsten consumption crock lappet
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[16 Apr 2004|10:46pm]

not a day goes by

i brush off the ants.
i brush off the ants.

a warm stream of piss
down a cold thigh

nabokovian lovers
him and i


rearrange [04 Apr 2004|01:23pm]

want me to open up, life is pushing me to remain. worldly enough, found it all yet bored and downtrodden. lived around me, love is the part of me I want to kill.


my knees are propped to my chin in this life; over the scene, a drafty house. all the while i return, again know History that should stay dead.

You say you know

i don't want to admit it, you ask me and thinking on that now, i've never been one to fall for the 'happy' girls. never want to cross me, i tell them it's not rage but better, that i had found tear-jerkers inside themselves. the ones that leave have been through everything about me. you ask because you already know, because of their disdain telling me to quiet, friends of mine tell me they have the feeling. i tell you; restless, self-rigteous, bored. you really of me is the side no one cares about. after confessing his supposed love, asked me how i'd been. allowing myself to fall on the tragedy; happiness and contentment just aren't strong enough for us, aren't deep enough, aren't significant.

But instead

she talks and plays a large role in my introspection. midnights for cheap kicks, want to see are the sad endings, the tear it has always been. the only difference is listening to tired songs to carry the me, we shudder, clench our teeth, wince in unison. they are dead tissue, remember those stories. come out passionate and hungry; and Romeo and Juliet will have their spiraling tower called 'wrong', this life alone.

Guilt trips

i've carried that cross, will remain messy, cramped, the part of anger towards you because i'm not going to hide behind behind barriers of the self. energy and joy seemingly revolve around me, though they are also around the rest, scrambling through the confusion you don't have. i am that you night, you're getting pnemonia, you're angry.

Once in a while

i think about how i'm frail, how that hold his affections. sometimes a best friend, in few words and very little coherency, nearly noticed that no one cares about the happy ending. we all laugh, we have a happy-warm feeling inside, but never have any substance. the mandatory three cigarettes, the excuses, the pleas, the anger and the tears. me saying the same thing again and you not listening. weariness.implies it.


i told you that i express my everyone else. road is filling with fog. it's righteous, you sitting in silence. Romeo and Juliet should have fallen into the cracks of history. pull you out, and just fucking jump in.

A while back

dysfunctional and smoking too much. wanting to get out. more than a little worried, reckless, everyone needs to be something, chaotic and cluttered. we’ve been through this before, but again, you choose to repeat history, history that is too dull for history books of my life. every once in a while it is certainly truer, less voice, be it verbal or not. stop worrying, i express in vivid detail every one of your transgressions. normally i would allow myself to let it slide because it's not worth it, there's no point, either way it just causes mess and strife for one party or both. but not in this case, you're not getting off easy. i'm calling the big shots, and you don't like being in the passenger seat.


severed octopii [27 Mar 2004|04:17pm]

every night i cut out my heart, but in the morning it was full again ...MMMMMMMMMM ,MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM2 S iMMMM 7MWWM M2 MMMM; .MMMMMMBi: iMMMM, ZMMMM....................................................SMMMMM MMM iMMMM.................................................MMMM MM: MM MMMM.............................................MMM; W 2MM WMMMMM.......................................,MMMMM MMMi MMr MMMMMM..................................XMMMMMM ...on the freeway during rush hour. But what is a sunrise? It's not the harbinger of depressing gloom. ask nicely... ...all you have to do is ask nicely... ... вы неимоверны. Я могу почти чувствовать вас моей стороной... <3 <+> FRIENDS ONLY <+> ...on, the moon! Some say love! It is a burdock! That tramples, (crunch bonk) Ma quande ...illness watching extra features to thar pirates - i am bizored. and thirsty. with that in mind ... i'm torturing myself ... this little sketch, the 100 back if I'd been the one on stage and didn't believe me when I truthfully said I would.


"Please refrain from eating live squid" [29 Feb 2004|12:38am]

tesco vee
"Some say love, it iiiiis a squeegee, that hovers, on, the moon! Some say love! It is a burdock! That tramples, (crunch bonk)


word association [28 Feb 2004|01:20am]


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