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The Inertial Mind

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The Place Where Dreams Burn

while i was sleepin in the cave the monsters of the desert escaped and made the world their chewing gum blowing their bubbles like my spaghetti cat from hell and all the people of the forest said kill them before their goo spreads to the ocean and wake the dreamer in the cave whose noises end the internal menace revolution and so they sent their brown birds over the backwards rainbow to the place where the circular staircase rose from the mountain and they began to climb up and up and up until they found themselves in the most purple desert they had ever tripped in knowing full well that the cave of the dreamer resides on the other side and they flew and flowed and rolled across the desert for what seemed like minutes until they found the cosy cave of the dreamer but the door was locked but they found a back way in but one of them slipped and died but another was born from the ground so they called it even which was the one and only belief of the dreamer who dreamt on the other side of the back door of the cave but when he heard them and woke his belief was lost and the evil goo monsters lived until the last word of the story

hello, i'm aaron and i like to write stories like this, i hope this is the place for me....
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